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India is being touted as 'Destination Future' for the logistics service providers all over the world. Indian players are also gearing up and positioning themselves differently by providing a wide spectrum of logistics services.

In the past, India has been the student rather than the expert when it comes to the field of logistics. But with its current expertise, valuable human resources and positive plans, it surely is walking on the path of being a service provider of class. There are several factors that benefit the Indian economy for reaching success in the field of logistics, namely:

Diploma in Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Duration : 1 Year

New Batch Commences from
May - 2017

1. India is the fourth largest economy in the world.

2. It is believed that about one-quarter of the youth population of the world resides in India.

3. India has human resources that are high in knowledge and abilities.

4. It is the second-largest English speaking workforce.

5. It has the 2nd largest pool of qualified technical workforce.

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